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German Road Safety Council (DVR)

At a Glance

April 2019

The German Road Safety Council was founded in 1969.


The objective of this organisation is to support the measures that aim at improving traffic safety of all road users. DVR co-ordinates all wide range of activities of its members, develops programmes and continuously adapts them to new challenges and new research findings. One of DVR's pivotal tasks is that of bundling the efforts of all parties involved in road safety in order to achieve joint and efficient action (co-ordinating function). DVR strongly supports positions aiming to save lives and avoid severe injuries and does so particularly when dealing with representatives from politics, the social sectors, the media, as well as institutions at Federal or European level, and other national and international institutions.


Since October, 2007 DVR's road safety activities are based on the “Vision Zero” strategy. Vision Zero is based on four fundamental principles: 1) Man is fallible. 2) Tolerable limits are set by physical endurance of man. 3) Life is not negotiable. 4) Man has a right to a safe transport system and a safe working environment. These four fundamental principles need to be considered as a criterion in the process of designing the traffic system. Each of the system designers involved, such as politicians, vehicle manufacturers, authorities, etc., has his share of responsibility to bring into the process.

Moreover, DVR advocates a risk-oriented approach. Addressing the road users, DVR promotes the idea of partnership and the strengthening of self-responsibility.


The organisation is composed of about 200 members, such as the Federal Ministry of Transport and the transport-related Ministries of the Federal States, the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions, the German Road Safety Volunteer Organisation (Deutsche Verkehrswacht), the automobile clubs, the vehicle manufacturers, the insurance sector, passenger transport operators, the employers’ associations, the trade unions and the churches. In addition, a number of national and international organisations have joined DVR. Membership fees and other financial contributions received from its members are dedicated to finance the organisation's assignments.

Board of Directors

DVR is steered by its President and three vice-presidents. The Board of Directors is composed of 25 elected members and four individuals appointed from among the members.


The current activities are supported by 6 working committees dealing with adult road users, vehicle engineering, young road users, children and young road users, traffic engineering and traffic medicine.

Income Budget

The income budget of the organisation comes from different sources. It receives a financial contribution from the Federal Government, the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV), membership fees, other financial contributions and extraordinary contributions from other DVR members and other donors.

Target Group Programmes

In close co-operation with its members, DVR has developed target group programmes, such as ”Kind und Verkehr “ (”Children & Traffic“, dealing with child road safety), ”Sicher mobil“ (for the safety of elderly people), safety training schemes and safety programmes for car drivers, motorcycle riders, truck and bus/coach drivers, dangerous goods drivers, and for cyclists.

Many thousands of these events and training schemes are implemented every year.

Special emphasis is given to accident prevention at workplaces. Since the 1980s, DVR and the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions have implemented the joint programme "Safety on all roads“, which is aimed at employees and trainees or apprentices. Preventive measures are carried out in close co-operation with the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions and companies. They avoid accidents and, furthermore, save the employers a lot of expenses. The German Statutory Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, DGUV) was formed through the merger of the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions (Berufsgenossenschaften) with the Public Sector Accident Insurers (Unfallkassen) and the Community Accident Insurance Associations (Gemeinde-Unfallversicherungsverbände). For both DVR and DGUV, this merger has opened up numerous areas for prevention activities focusing on almost all road user groups.

DVR's safety activities are supported by intensive public relations activities, cooperation with the media and a number of campaigns that are launched at regular intervals, such as the “Runter vom Gas” (“Speed down”) campaign that was launched in 2008 and is put into practice together with the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure.


DVR was one of the founding members of the European Road Safety Council ETSC in 1993. DVR enjoys the co-operation with other safety organisations inside and outside Europe.

The specific organisation structure of DVR and its efficient road safety activities are highly recognised on national and international levels.


DVR is headquartered in Bonn and also operates a Berlin office.

Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR)
German Road Safety Council

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